Possession: Iain MacKenzie

In this session we will discuss the ways in which we possess and are possessed by things. This is especially pertinent in the contemporary world, as certain technological things such as smart phones seem to acquire ever-greater capacity to possess us in the most fundamental sense. The topic will be introduced by returning to the theme of possession in the Western tradition and then we will explore a particularly compelling account of how we have come to be possessed by things as presented in the work of French theorists and novelist, Tristan Garcia.

Recommended reading: Tristan Garcia, ‘Introduction’, Form and Object, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.

This event is part of Topics in Critical Thought, a short course designed to offer an introduction to critical thought in general and provide a series of engaging talks, discussions and activities related to topics of contemporary concern to critical theorists. Members of the Centre for Critical Thought at the University of Kent will deliver all of the sessions. All seminars, except the last one, will be two hours long – 6.30-8.30pm – and will take place on Thursday.

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