Our building includes four studio spaces offered at a subsidised rate, for up to two years, to our community of artists in Margate ⁠– OSE alumni, mentors and close collaborators ⁠– who share the organisation’s values. 

The roving studio programme is part of our mission to continue supporting the Associates beyond their time at OSE and to facilitate cross pollination between different year groups and practitioners from further afield.

At present, the studios are solely accessible by stairs. We are working on making the building fully accessible. All studios are currently occupied and call outs will be made when they become available.

Studio Holders

Holly Hunter

Holly Hunter is a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator based in Margate, Kent. Her work involves film, writing, sound, performance and workshops.

Her interests include ecology, queer embodiment, science fiction, murky waters and sneaky creatures. She is committed to collaborative practices, non-hierarchical learning spaces and the importance of supportive community as a means of radical growth and resistance.

Dan Scott

Dan Scott is an artist and musician based in Margate. He works across installation, performance, sound and socially-engaged practice and has shared his work at Tate Modern, De La Warr Pavilion, Turner Contemporary, Venice Agendas and Whitstable Biennale, amongst others. He has also recently completed a PhD at the University of the Arts in London on practices of listening within contemporary art.

Dan often works collaboratively to create polyvocal works and spaces which encourage participation and co-authorship, using a methodology of listening as a way to hold and develop these encounters. Dan is also a visiting tutor at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, working with theatre design students.

Alice Davies

Alice Davies is an Art Psychotherapist, Artist, and Artist Educator and she holds her private practice in one of our studios.

Art psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that offers the creative process of art making as a way for you to express your thoughts and feelings. The combination of art making and talking provides you with a flexible and gentle approach, at a pace that suits you, which can really help when exploring more difficult emotions. You do not need any experience or skills in art making, and the main focus will be on the process of making and what this may bring up for you.

Alice offer’s a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space to be heard and seen. She has many years of experience in a range of settings working with children, adolescents, young adults and adults, and within schools, organisations, the community and the NHS, facilitating both groups and one-to-one sessions.

She takes an intersectional approach, and her experience is with people from socially, culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds. She is a neurodiversity-affirming psychotherapist.

Lo Lo No

Lo Lo No (they/them) is a trans-disciplinary artist, researcher and curator with a focus on self portraiture in the expanded field and queer+ experiences.

They create self-portraits as an access tool, a way of seeing and becoming in a society where they have struggled to see them-self reflected. As subject and object they are a site to explore and perform, embody and enchant self expression and process identity through experiences and engage in social discourse around transformation. Conjuring cognitive spaces and investigating the symbolic life, the subconscious, esoteric and imagined as a way of channeling and establishing archetypes, primordial lineages. Through social reproduction and chimerisation within myth, philosophy, self and society; they research ‘the other’ and the archetypal thematic of the Chimera.

Jess Benfield

Jessica Benfield is an upholsterer, qualified in both modern and traditional upholstery techniques. Passionate about reducing waste in the world of interiors, she is particularly focused on using natural materials and breathing new life into older pieces of furniture, and hopefully preventing them from going to landfill.

Jessica also works as an associate at the Creative Mentor Network, supporting established creatives to mentor young people that experience challenges and have limited access to resources as they start to break into the creative industries.

Ollie Briggs

Ollie Briggs is a qualified teacher of art and design and taught in secondary schools for a number of years before starting Arts Education Exchange in Margate, where he has successfully developed a unique learning and evaluation framework called the Characteristics of Creative Learning. He has led the organisation, funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, National Lottery and Arts Council England, to embed creative learning as an alternative pedagogy for young people marginalised by the education system. He has a masters in Arts and Learning (Goldsmiths), is a practicing musician and sound artist and actively engaged in practice research with an Europe wide network of arts educators in association with the University of Sunderland and Artez in the Netherlands.

Through all of this, Ollie is interested in creativity and the arts as a structure for social and community transformation.

Kit Griffiths

Kit Griffiths is an internationally screened, award-winning artist-filmmaker, a published, award-winning poet, and an award-winning writer-performer described as “Tender and compelling” (The Times). Kit is 34 years old, Cardiff-born and raised (Merthyr on weekends), Cambridge-educated, London-established and happily Margate-based. White, queer, quite able-bodied, educated povvo with Trauma CV available upon request. (Really, I made it. You can request it.)

11 years’ professional experience in writing and performance, 4 years’ in fine art and film. Recent/current exhibitions include Queer ART(ists) Now London 2022 & 2023, Turner Contemporary Open 2022, Art Basel Hong Kong with Videotage & British Council 2023 and Beneath this Mask alongside Hayward Gallery touring of Claude Cahun, at the Beaney Museum Canterbury 2023.