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Covid-19 update: Despacito is back, running a little differently! This summer, the Despacito Art School is piloting a weekly programme of activities online and on the streets of Cliftonville under the name Doorstep Despacito. These activities are opened up to other young people and families from further afield via weekly sheets to do from home, downloadable from the website.

Started in 2017, the Despacito Art School is a hands-on place to learn about art, craft and functional object-making. Despacito is open to young people aged 5 to 12, who live in and around Cliftonville and Margate. They named the art school after their favourite 2017 summer hit. Despacito provides regular opportunities to showcase the work of the young artists to their families, the local community and the broader public; these include exhibitions in and around our building and participation in the summer Margate Carnival.

Despacito takes place every Wednesday 3-5pm. 

If you’re enjoying Despacito or want to take part, please fill out our short survey below:

Current Sessions

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Every Wednesday from 8 July to 2 September 2020, 3-5pm

Doorstep Despacito

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Past Sessions

In 2019 the Despacito Art School was featured on TV twice, in a short film that premiered on BBC Breakfast, and as part of a short documentary about Margate and the Turner Prize.

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, 4–6pm

Despacito 2017

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