What’s left of identity after domination?

Topics in Critical Thought, Session 5

In this session we will consider a range of authors who speak and write about some of the effects of living in a world dominated by ‘others’. Can identities be rebuilt or are they always marked by the experience of domination? How are the complexities of identity after a period of domination best explained?

This session will be taking place online via Zoom. When joining, please ensure that your mic is muted unless you are speaking. These sessions may be recorded for archival and promotional purposes, so please switch off your video feed if you do not wish to be included in this. Please join early to avoid delays (there may be a queue, the host will let you in to the session).

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Who do you think you are? 

In this series of online seminars, the OSE Associates are joined by Iain MacKenzie from Kent’s Centre for Critical Thought to discuss who we are today and who we may become tomorrow.

In our days of crises, many of us are seeking to examine and reflect on all aspects of our lives. During these seminars we will take a deep dive into the very idea of how we think about ourselves and think about the following:

  • Are we merely a useful environment for the reproduction of a virus? 
  • Are we simply slaves to an algorithm? 
  • Which identity is the one that defines you and why? 
  • Are these questions only you can answer or are they being answered for you by others in ways you don’t like? 
  • Are we the products of our past or are we defined by what we can become in the future? 
  • How do we change things to become something or someone that doesn’t simply repeat the problems of the past? 
  • Are we really just small destructive pieces in a complex environment that will, in the end, simply have no use for us humans as it sustains itself?