The Incomers Project: Session 5


Join us for the fifth and last workshop led by writer Sally O’Reilly on storytelling and difference, running from May to July 2017.

Introduction to the project

At some point, and to varying degrees, we are all incomers to one another’s lives. Every day we intersect with others and retell their stories, fill in gaps and misremember the details of their biographies. The Incomers Project explores storytelling through different perspectives in five practical workshops that are free and open to all.

The workshops will use experimental storytelling techniques to channel fantasies, lies, reminiscences and rumours into narratives, vignettes and dialogues for radio or podcast. And the working fabric of Margate will provide the sonic backdrop to these stories, set in the Lido, perhaps, or the archives of Margate Museum or a MOT garage.

Session 5: Wednesday 19 July 2017, 3-6pm – Final Recording

Groups or individuals work on someone else’s recording, adding extra sound effects or other framing devices, potentially changing the meaning entirely.

Weeks following the workshop: editing, sound production and distribution
September: Broadcast of the recordings on a local / regional radio station and launch event.