The Anti University of East London: A Public Participatory Anti Symposium


The Anti-University was a movement in the late 1960s based in Rivington Street, Shoreditch. It included iconic figures such as C.L.R James, Stokely Carmichael, R.D. Laing and Stuart Hall who wanted to break the structures forced by institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals. The Anti University wanted to allow people to meet each other without having to act out socially prescribed roles, believing that this would expose the terrible reality of modern life, in which nobody really knew anyone, and spark a revolution.

Despite being short-lived and mostly shrouded in mystery, the Anti University continues to capture the imagination of anyone interested in alternative education, self-organisation, non-hierarchical structures and radicalism. Was it a failure or a seminal cultural event? A ground breaking institution or an experiment gone wrong? Join us for an evening of food and conversation as we revisit the history of the Anti University and discuss its relevance today.

Bring food to add to the table and to share with others. A cash only bar is available. The Anti University event is organised in partnership with Hackney Museum, with support form AltMFA.