SYFU presents The Black Drift: Margate with Imani Robinson

Image by Buki Bayode 2018. Still from Ditto + Ditto Take A Trip To Port Authority, a film by Halima Haruna and Imani Robinson, commissioned by Many Studios as part of GIFestival 2018 for (BUT) WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY? curated by Rabz Lansiquot & Imani Robinson.


12.30-1.30pm: Introduction/Presentation by Imani Robinson about The Black Drift project. 
Open to all. Book here.

2.30 – 6.30pm: Workshop
This session free to attend and open to participants who identify as people of colour. ‘Person of Colour’ or PoC* is a term used to describe a person who is not white or of European heritage.
Book here.


Following a presentation of her work with SYFU (Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable), Imani will run a workshop using popular education methods and a mixture of conversation, working with text, walking and writing to explore themes of space in relation to racial and cultural identity. Participants are encouraged to bring materials in the form of text, books, film, music or image. These can be created by others or self-authored, highlighting the themes mentioned in ways that are personal to them. We will use these materials to begin to analyse and discuss what our collective experiential understanding of space might be.

Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable (SYFU) is a london-based arts collective creating intentional spaces for deep study, conversation and multi-disciplinary art-making. Recent exhibitions include The Alternative Graduate Show 2018 at Copeland Gallery in collaboration with BBZ; and (BUT) WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY? at Many Studios as part of Glasgow International Festival 2018 supported programme. Imani is a writer, curator and live art practitioner. She has been a member of SYFU since 2015 and is currently completing her MA in Forensic Architecture at Goldsmiths College.

Organised by current Open School East associate artist Dipesh Pandya as part of the ‘Thoughts on Space’ series of workshops and events.

‘Thoughts on Space’ is a series of talks, workshops and events that seek to explore our perceptions of internal and external space. How do we form identity in space? How do we react to space? how does each individual define space? In collaboration with visiting practitioners we aim to address these questions through sound, material and open dialogue.


* ‘PoC only’ events allow participants to experience a breathing space from the pressures of navigating the world as a person of colour. Similar in concept to other ‘safe space’ events taking place regularly for marginalised groups such as women and the LGBTQ communities. Safe spaces are needed to provide a supportive network for critical discussion and empowerment, encouraging collaboration, representation and exploration of wide ranging topics through shared experience. These events are not linked to any political or religious movement.