Spelunking: Subterranean Voices and Silence

This is the third session for ‘Spelunking‘, an 8-week video-making project led by artist Benedict Drew that is free and open to all.

The workshop will be held at Cliftonville Community Centre, 23 St Paul’s Rd, Margate CT9 2DB and hosted by a singer and an Open School East associate.

Taking Margate’s caves and tunnels as a starting point, we will embark on an imaginary exploration of the subterranean and create a fictional underground space; a place of myth, retreat, contemplation, meditation or even a place to party.

This is a chance to escape and regroup. We’ll meet weekly – come every week if you can but don’t worry if you can’t – for an adventure in making; we will explore sculpture, video, oral history, movement, and discussion.

To guide this journey into the subterranean, each week will have a theme; from the underworld of the Ancient Greeks to contemporary smuggling. You are invited to contribute, learn a new skill, or even just share a memory, inspired by the underground or a reimagining of it.

The end result will be a video made by leading artist Benedict, fresh from his solo show at London’s Whitechapel Gallery to be screened in a Margate venue later this year.

Benedict invites participants to join him on this spelunking journey. Leave behind the world as you know it and venture to a place where anything is possible.

Free and open to all. No need to book.