Softer, Metrosexual or Sissy: How Do You Fancy Your Masculinity?

imageA seminar by Stephen Maddison (UEL/Centre for Cultural Studies Research)

How do we understand masculinity now? Is homophobia really declining, and if so, what effects has this had on so-called traditional or hegemonic masculinity? Are men getting softer? Or just more willing to spend money on what has traditionally been seen as the female realm of fashion and beauty? In this session we will be considering the political implications of recent influential theories of masculinity in the post-queer moment.

Dr Stephen Maddison is a Reader in Cultural Theory at the University of East London and co-director of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research (CCSR). He is the author of Fags, Hags & Queer Sisters (Palgrave, 2000) and has published widely on the politics of pornography, queer theory and masculinity.

This is the first of a series of seminars organised by the Centre for Cultural Studies Research in the School of Arts & Digital Industries at the University of East London. The programme is designed to offer OSE associates and the general public the chance to engage in debates about art, cultural theory, popular culture and social change.

Listen to a recording here: