Through Seeing – What Will Grow, with Daniel Norie

Throughout January, OSE Associate Daniel Norie will be piloting a series of self-designed workshops around the themes of observation, enjoyment and imagination for the gardeners at The Garden Gate Project. Please note that these sessions are not open to members of the general public.

The Garden Gate Project is a community garden in Margate that supports adults with learning difficulties and/or mental health needs. On their first day at Open School East, the 2021-22 Associates were invited to the Garden Gate Project to take part in a camera-less filmmaking workshop led by James Holcombe and Jason Evans. Daniel has been volunteering at the garden most weeks since then.

Winter is the time for clearing the fallen leaves and nothing is visibly growing in the garden. This becomes the impetus for Daniel’s project. 

Exploring creative techniques new to Daniel’s artistic exploration of sculpture and image making, he will introduce the inspiring ideas of artists and educators he has discovered through research while at OSE, such as Sister Corita Kent, Wangechi Mutu and Lonnie Holley among others.