Performing Professionality: the politics of getting paid


Collective Creativity and Anni Movsisyan from Open School East are facilitating a free session to discuss the various methods QTIPOC artists manoeuvre their work in and out of Institutions and DIY spaces in order to negotiate surviving as artists and critiquing the meanings of success and marginality.

In performing ‘professionality’ we ask what does it mean to be a ‘Professional’ artist, how do we overcome the obstacles of getting paid, tackling classism, and wider struggles in asking for renumeration for QTIPOC artistic capital and labours? How is our art compromised in gaining recognition as professional, yet our work placed and celebrated for being on the margins? Who gets to be ‘unprofessional’ and how do we challenge the ways many artists are expected to work for free yet sustain a practice in London?

Click here for more information on the texts to be discussed and here for tickets. There is a waitlist function now since tickets have sold out, please do put your names down as there will inevitably be space on the day from those who can’t make it.