Perder la Forma Humana: an introduction by Mabel Tapia

Perder la forma humana

The research and exhibition project Perder la forma humana: una imagen sísmica de los años ochenta en America Latina (Losing the Human Form: A Seismic Image of the 1980s in Latin America) brings to light marginal and previously unrecognized art and activist practices from South America in the 1980s. It reflects on the effects of violence perpetrated by the dictatorships, which occupied the continent at the time, and on the way art was used for the creation and embodiment of freedom.    

Perder la forma humana is a project conducted by Red Conceptualismos del Sur, a collective of curators who explore the unwritten art history of South America. Mabel Tapia, a member of the collective, will introduce their research and initiate a discussion around the different contexts and discourses of social practice, and histories of political engagement, outside of European and American traditions.

More information can be found here.

Event programmed by Andrea Francke.

Free, no booking required.