2022 Young Associates Exhibition: Peeling Grapes

‘Peeling Grapes’ is a response to the ethics and principles of Permaculture. Permaculture is a movement focused on creating a Permanent Culture; one that is flexible, responsive and sustainable, led by the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. These ethics have informed the process, materials and themes for each Young Associate.  From questioning how we might interact with evolved hybrid creatures from imagined worlds in petting zoos to asking us to consider expectations of body image, community and societal conforming via visual art, film and poetry.

The exhibition will also feature collaborations with Adam Chodzko, Nicolas Deshayes, Dan Scott, Cynthia Lawrence-John, Carri Munden, Charlie Everisto-Boyce and host a pop-up shop with limited edition prints and merchandise. 

Join us for the launch on Friday June 17 at 5pm. The exhibition is then open daily until Sunday from 12-6pm


Public workshops will be co-hosted with OSE alumni Suzy Crothers and co-facilitator Annie Sutton alongside a zine making workshop from OSE alumni Greta Sharp. Both workshops  open up discussion around mental health and wellbeing, and share tools for self care and positive action.

Drop in Zine-making workshop 

Saturday June 18, 2 – 5pm 

Join the Young Associates and co-facilitator Greta Sharp, to design and create zine pages that will become one whole zine at the end of the exhibition.  – No booking required.

Less Alone, More Alive workshop

Sunday June 19, 2 – 4pm

Join the Young Associates, supported by artists Suzy Crothers and Annie Sutton, as they deliver the workshop around storytelling and wellbeing. A work devised by Suzy Crothers which seeks to share a series of creative tools to aid mental wellbeing and creative expression.

The ‘Raisins Raisins’ project is gratefully supported by ACE, OSE, Power of Women Thanet, Camden People’s Theatre and the London Irish Centre.


The Hawley square building is only accessible by stairs.

Large scale exhibition texts will be in each gallery space.

There are gender neutral toilet facilities on three of the floors.