Object Relations: Sonia Boué

In this workshop with Sonia Boué you will learn about her work with objects and find out about new ways to use objects to tell stories and make art works. Sonia is interested in making lots of different kinds of art and she likes to teach people how to think in new ways about everyday objects.

Sonia will talk about object-art and her work on *neurodivegence in the arts. The workshop will include the opportunity to reflect on the different ways we use our brains and to explore some of Sonia’s creative methods. 

Participants are invited to bring ‘significant’ objects  (but nothing breakable or irreplaceable). Sonia will also provide objects which can be handled and enjoyed in a tactile activity. We will also explore the local area for one activity. 

*Neurodivergence refers to a broad spectrum of neurological differences, including autism, dyslexia and ADHD

Talk: 11am-1pm
Activity 2-5pm

About the artist
Sonia Boué is a multiform artist who specialises in object work, painting, installation, video and performance. She has collaborated with Tate Britain and made a BBC Radio 4 programme about her practice. Her most recent projects are the Arts Council England  funded, Museum for Object Research, which includes a professional development initiative for autistic project leadership, and Neither Use Nor Ornament, an inclusive autistic-led project.

Participants can find out more about Sonia’s work at www.soniaboue.co.uk and specifically about her work on neurodivergence and objects at www.museumforobjectresearch. Please follow links to the NUNO project.

Practical information
Please bring a smartphone with a camera if you have one.

Accessibility information
Attendees are asked to avoid bringing food with intense smells and to avoid wearing perfumes or colognes, for the benefit of those with scent sensitivity. Part of this workshop will take part on the streets of Margate (weather permitting). 
Due to factors beyond our control OSE is inaccessible to those with limited mobility. Please email info@openschooleast.org for more information.