Ideas of Fiction: Radio with Ed Baxter

Ed Baxter will be running a workshop on the theme of ‘fictioning’ – exploring ideas of storytelling and recording for radio. In the workshop, we will explore experimental fiction and learn some basic technical skills for recording spoken word.

Ed Baxter studied English Literature to postgraduate level, worked as an installation artist in the pre-YBA years, and has also been a journalist (The Wire, Variant, Creative Camera, The Guardian), concert promoter and bookseller. As well as co-founding Resonance FM, he is director of the Resonance Radio Orchestra, a group devoted to the live exploration of radiophonic art. In this capacity, he has written many works for radio, including the award-winning The Arthur Cravan Memorial Boxing Match; The Death of Kodak; Score for Open Heart Surgery on Charlie Watts. Baxter was BASCA Composer of the Year in 2013. He is currently an Associate Lecturer in Sound Arts and Design at the London College of Communication.