Groupies: a roundtable discussion


Groupies is a series of events and discussions examining the recent influx of art projects that engage with histories of feminist and queer activism. For the past two months Lucy Beech and Andrea Francke have invited a number of guests to explore these issues in relation to two texts: Fans of feminism, by Catharine Grant ( here) and Poser Punks by Jonathan P. Watts ( here).

On Friday 4th July Catherine Grant and Jonathan P. Watts will be joined in conversation by writer and curator Laura Guy and artist John Walter to discuss the politics of appropriation and reenactment in the context of feminist and queer activist histories.

Groupies is neither about staking claims on feminism, nor about creating distinctions between good and bad feminism, or activism. Instead, Groupies was established as a space to reflect on how artists work with these histories and to what end. We are interested in the problematics of what is being told and re-enacted, and in whose voices get to tell these stories and be heard. If feminist and queer histories partly depend on re-enactment and oral traditions to be made present, what is the importance of the voices that constructed that history?

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