Feral Choir: Workshop with Phil Minton


“English improvisor Phil Minton has built his career by rescuing unloved, unwanted sounds, abandoned long ago by more domesticated vocalists… The ferine strains of Minton’s extraordinary vocal improvisations confront us with sighs, stutters, gulps, gurgles, yelps, burps, moans, peeps and cries: the sounds of human life. As poet and writer Kenneth Goldsmith put it, he “forces us to ponder the musical qualities of noises that we’d rather not deal with.” – Scott Tresham

Ongoing since the 1980s and performed in over twenty countries, Phil Minton’s Feral Choir project is a series of vocal workshops with non-professionals. The Feral Choir at OSE is a one-day open workshop and performance, voice-led by the improvisor and singer; a temporary choir for those who would like to explore and extend their voices in collaboration.

Programmed by Lisa Skuret.