‘Every day is a new day’ closing celebration at Turner Contemporary

Join us for an exciting day of interactive workshops at Turner Contemporary.

Open School East associates have been invited to show their work on the ground floor of the building. We will be taking Spelunking – a collaborative video-making project and journey into the subterranean led by Artist Benedict Drew – offsite, for a special chapter themed around Underground Ceremonies. The afternoon will include:

SOUNDS OF THE STRATA will float through and fill Turner Contemporary, recreating a cavernous atmosphere for those exploring the subterranean

THE HANDLING COLLECTION: a roaming selection of rare archaeological and conchological finds, discovered from the depths

SPELUNKING: A short film introducing Spelunking by artist Benedict Drew

2.00 PGP EN(CRYPT)ION: this workshop will engage with themes of digital anonymity and privacy through learning a simple method for encrypting online information

3.15 SÉANCE: Join us as we attempt to make contact with the spirit of JMW Turner. With the help of a Medium, we will beseech him to show us a sign of his presence. The ritual performed in the Foyle Rooms will be a homage to the seances that took place in the Shell Grotto in the 1930s

Free and open to all.