Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum: 6. The Ceremony

The Ceremony is the last in a series of 6 workshops, each lasting 2 days, as part of Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum. This is a collective project and curriculum led by artist Marguerite Humeau on the quest for eternal life. The project takes as a starting point China’s first Emperor Qin (259-210 BC) and the finely crafted and engineered mausoleum he commissioned for himself. In an attempt to ‘re-humanise humanity’, Marguerite Humeau has gathered experts from the fields of architecture, botany, embalming and sound to work with us over 6 workshops.


Session 6: The Ceremony

For this last session, we were joined by artist Sophie Mallett who will lend her sound expertise to the group to write the score of the final event.

Read more about the overall project and future sessions here.