Ecologies of trust (re-membering the dead)

In this workshop, led by Loup, we will be sharing stories about loved ones who have passed away and creating ceremonies for them. There are limited places for this workshop so please register here.

Loup will share their recent strategies to conspire with invisible bodies, and cultivate accountability and care within more-than-human entanglements. 

You’ll be invited to share a story about someone you love, who is dead. It can be a person that was/is close to you, it can also be a tree or a dog or any thing/body that disappeared and that you feel emotionally attached to.

The second phase of the workshop will be dedicated to the creation of small ceremonies for the dead that your stories will have brought into the space. Each participant will be free to design their own ceremony and to ask for help to co-create them, or simply witness that moment.

Loup’s work revolves around the practice of conversation as invocation. By naming things you invite their presence, and they often join the conversation, if you let them in.

Fomenting new ways of mourning together is part of a set of technologies gathered by Loup’s research, to conspire what they call ecologies of trust. While learning to trust the invisible, the way that our milieu is (in)forming us, we become accountable for our own impact on things and people around us.

The practice of re-membering is both re-assembling the invisible bodies as well as making them actual members of our clique, part of our communities. The more you trust the more you can be trusted, and the more you feel trusted the more you can trust. Conspiring (literally breathing together, con-spirare), is a way to slowly and softly break the spells of colonial, heteropatriarcal capitalism, through the milieu.

11am-12pm: talk
12-1pm: lunch
1-3pm: story telling workshop
3-6pm: ceremonies workshop

Loup funded the collective dance for plants in 2016. They offer workshops, seminars and performances in gardens, universities, forests, apartments and museums. Lately, Loup is co-fomenting the working group Morts Vivantes (Lively Deaths) that focuses on the relationships of people and their dead.
Loup recently published the poem I’m not trans in the forest and the essay Dancing is an ecosystem service, and being trans is too.

Practical information
You don’t need to be an artist to attend this workshop. The capacity is limited to 20 participants, so please register here. It is recommended that you attend the whole day, but not required. There will be drinks (hot/cold) and light snacks. Please wear some clothes you feel comfortable (and beautiful!) in.

Accessibility info
Due to factors beyond our control OSE is inaccessible to those with limited mobility. We would usually offer to record the session for those unable to attend due to accessibility issues but, due to the sensitive and personal nature of the stories that will be shared during this workshop, we cannot do this on this occasion. Please email for more information.