Drawing Kolam Rhythms as City Living: Anna Laine


This full day event invites you to explore kolam drawing, a practice that performs everyday relationships in public space. Anna Laine, artist and anthropologist from Stockholm, will present her kolam research in southeast India and London. Together with Hari Rajaledchumy, she will guide you into the drawing and its emphasis on increasing the well-being in its immediate surrounding. The performance re-enacts factual rhythms like the movement of the planets and people’s life cycles. It involves the embodiment of rhythmical skills of drawing and becoming a feminine person where the material image is identified with its maker. The afternoon is focused on investigations of how collaborative kolam making can be used to transform city living in Hackney.

11 am to 1 pm: Lecture and workshop at TinTin Room, OSE.
2 to 4.30 pm: Outdoor kolam making in Rose Lippman Building (OSE) neighbourhood. We conclude with a joint summary at 4 pm.

E-mail info@openschooleast.org to reserve you place.