Do Things with Salad: a communal cooking event


Susannah Worth, author of Digesting Recipes: The Art of Culinary Notation (Zero Books, 2015) invites you to Do Things with Salad.

What is a recipe and what can it say? What does a photograph do to a recipe? And why do we love photographing our food? Whether instructions or provocations, facts or fictions, recipes exist as a crucial way to understanding society – past, present and future. The food we choose to cook and eat reflects class, gender, politics and culture. And more than ever before, we are sharing and styling that food through photographs and filters.

After a brief introduction, participants will work together to make a feast of salads, following recipes as diverse as Mina Pächter’s Asparagus Salad (written in the Second World War concentration camp where she died), Iranian Salad Shirazi, Throckley Women’s Institute’s Salad Cream (circa 1950), Susannah’s great grandmother’s Romanian egg and potato salad, and the Italian Salad that Elizabeth David dubbed ‘the most revolting dish ever devised’.

In addition to making lunch, participants will photograph the food for visual consumption as part of How to Do Things with Salad, an exhibition opening in January 2016 at Jerwood Project Space.

All cooks will be given a special credit in the exhibition. In order to photograph the culinary creations, please bring a phone or digital camera of any quality, if you have one. The event is free. All ingredients and recipes will be provided. Places are limited. To book a place or ask a question about the workshop please email