African foodways, cookery workshop with Elaine Buchanan

In this online cooking workshop with Elaine Buchanan we will consider how many of the foods that we take for granted today have their roots in Africa. We will discover how the advent of the Transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans influenced the cuisines that now exist in the islands of the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas. We will also cook two simple recipes using ingredients that have influenced the cooking of Africa, the Caribbean Islands and the Americas. Ingredients lists for both recipes can be found below.

This workshop is part of Ways of Eating, a series of workshops combining the study of kitchen skills with critical and historical accounts of cooking and eating cultures. Participants will encounter the practical and theoretical simultaneously, delving into a universal activity often taken for granted. Each session will address a different theme and how it impacts our food culture.


2-3pm: presentation
3-3.15pm: break
3.15-4pm: cooking
4-5pm: discussion

This session will be taking place online via Zoom. You must book your place via Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link and password. If you do not receive this please get in touch via well before the event starts. When joining, please ensure that your mic is muted unless you are speaking. These sessions may be recorded for archival and promotional purposes, so please switch off your video feed if you do not wish to be included in this. Please join early to avoid delays (there may be a queue, the host will let you in to the session).

About the artist

Elaine Buchanan is a researcher and chef at the black cultural archives in Brixton, whose work combines a passion for food and cooking with African history. Elaine’s research looks at the way in which African food was dispersed throughout the colonies during the transatlantic period, and how Africans in the colonies creatively amalgamated the influences of the foods from colonial masters.