A public reflection on Margate, cultural regeneration and social practice

An evening event to situate Open School East:
Who are we and what does it mean to be here? What do we mean by ‘Open’, ‘School’ and ‘East’? This year’s associates of Open School East will present their thoughts and feelings on these questions and ask for public reflection on these opening intentions and desires.

‘Newcomers’ and ‘Invitations’?:
As local people or recent arrivals, how do we understand engagement, community and dialogue? What collaborations can sustain Open School East? What collaborations can reciprocally benefit local imaginations and initiatives? How to work towards a shared social practice between Open School East and other local people and projects and what does this look like?

This public conversation will be gently facilitated by Chris Jones, a member of the international sound art collective Ultra-red and a long-term campaigner around issues of regeneration, gentrification and displacement in South London.

All welcome.