A Cyanotype Photography Workshop


You are invited to join Tannu Kotecha at a workshop in Homerton led by former OSE associate Tina Rowe for a cyanotype printing  workshop. Take a photograph with your smartphone, edit it to make a negative and make a real print using an antique process. We will learn about the chemical process involved in making a light sensitive emulsion to produce a photographic print from, without needing to go into a darkroom.

Requirements: an Android, Windows or Apple smartphone OR tablet.

You will need to download the re Photoshop Express app** onto your phone before the workshop. You will also need a data account that allows you to upload your files to a Google Drive folder that will be shared with you.

This will be an informal and friendly session. No previous knowledge or experience required.

Tina Rowe is a lens based artist living in Hackney, she was a 2015 OSE associate artist.

Tannu Kotecha is a primarily visual artist whose art process often begins with spontaneous snapping/photography who wants to love her smart phone.

Places are limited so please book here.