Tolu Oshodi

Installation view of Remnants at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Tolu is a Nigerian-British visual artist and performer whose
practice combines movement, photography & film. Theoretical
interests behind her movement practice are based in the
exploration and liberation of Black sexual politics. She is
particularly driven to create emotive work that is rooted in our
shared human experience, exploring notions of self,
relationships and community.


Film, QHD (16:9), sound and typography collage on
300gsm card.
Duration approx 7 mins

Remnants is the second iteration of a three-part body of work.
The project is an exploration of the cyclical nature of cell
regeneration occurring over a seven-year time span. The work is
an inquiry into how this process relates to the human body and
the physical encounters we have in our lifetime.
Directed and Choreographed by Tolu, Remnants takes the
viewer on a visual journey through the landscape of the body. It
uses movement, colour and sound to depict two bodies
navigating the delicate exchange of power dynamics inherent in
intimate relationships.

Tolu would like to thank her wonderful collaborators
Asia R Kilgallon – DOP
Connor Hamilton – Camera operator, Editor & Colourist
Ayo Babatope & Kikz Katika – Performers
James Jordan Johnson & Rosemary Moss – Original Score
With Special thanks to Stanley Arts, Sheena Brobbey, FX Goby,
Saul Nash and Charlotte Toon