Suzy Crothers

[gallery set up of a bedroom with cahirs and a desk, red duvet and red curtains and a black and white rug]
Installation view of Echoes at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Suzy Crothers is a neurodivergent, Northern Irish, Margate based solo artist, writer, director and collaborator.  She makes pluridisciplinary work that puts stories from unheard voices into the public consciousness.  Often using movement, music and storytelling, her work explores the clash between lived experiences, illusion and delusion.  She is fascinated by the power of narratives to trap us or to set us free.

In her work she investigates themes around identity, mental illness, addiction and human connection.  Originally from a theatre background, as an associate at OSE Suzy has worked with installation, performance and audio pieces.  Community and collaborative projects are also an essential part of her practice, because she loves what happens when people come together with curious minds, open hearts and a shared goal.


Ruby is an installation hosting a sound piece, offering an insight
into what it feels like to consider one’s choices at an age where
it feels like time is running out. The surrealness of the
experience of fertility tourism is highlighted through character,
stream of consciousness and cutting rhythmic prose. Suzy
reveals an immersive and vivid depiction of a stay in Barcelona,
based on elements of her own experience.

Sound design, music and audio editing by Louis Palfrey