Sara Jackson

[installation view of copper tube sculpture with hanging paper attachments on a raw plaster wall next to a window]
Installation view of Echos at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Sara creates site-specific work in response to social environments. She uses the materiality of the space as the palette with which to create the work. Responding to social spaces both indoors and outdoors, she is intrigued by the ways in which interactions are governed by human influences. Sara has started to become more aware of material usage and its impact on the environment; seeking out what is local and surplus to create new work.


Looking at the theme of care, her latest work incorporates the change, uses and interactions of the OSE building over the past year, to form modular work that directly relates to the architecture of the building. Enabling the audience to reshape and control different outcomes; the work acts as a weave between the associates, the audience and the building, becoming a language for all to access.