Rosie Carr

‘The Waste Management Experience’ is a body of work incorporating text, sound and moving image. Throughout the year Rosie researched, read and wrote speculative fiction, and for the OSE final show, she made a domestic science-fiction film, set in an undetermined future time, when we have run out of space. This predicament leads to enforced recycling within the confines of a charity shop in Broadstairs, where Rosie is the manager, and volunteers are made to carry out strange tasks to find new uses for old trash. The film’s images and sound were produced entirely from technology and objects donated to the shop. The film questions current trends in waste management, dispersal, and dumping.

Our waste is a product now. It has been set free – as free flowing waste capital. It floods across borders, into markets, into ecosystems, into fish, into skin, into roots, constantly flowing in and out from here to there, and back again. As it flows, it softly whispers, of an unfathomable relationship between openness and closure. In this world of free flow, it whispers: “I flow freely… people cannot.”