Rhona Foster

I relocated to Margate when I joined Open School East. I wanted to pursue studio-based making projects, as well as engage with projects involving members of the public and the local community. During my time at OSE I worked on two short film projects as well as collaboratively working with my fellow Associate Elouise Farley on sculpture and performance projects.

For the OSE end of year show I presented a short, musical film titled ’Me & My Friends’. The film presents two gangs of absurd, costumed characters: The Metropolitan Vampire Hipsters and The Provincial Bogeymen. A Goodie/Baddie dichotomy is communicated through the film’s two musical numbers. ‘Me & My Friends’ reflects on polarised political identities, the social-media-fuelled ‘Us vs Them’ narrative of British politics and the politicization of everyday culture. Throughout my year, I also really enjoyed assisting with the Despacito Art School, the East Kent Mencap filmmaking project (led by fellow Associate Jemma Cullen) and workshops with the Young Associates.