Jules Varnedoe

During their year in Margate, Jules deepened their mycological research, learning lots about the biology, evolution and cultural histories of fungi. They hosted mycologist Rich Wright for a fungal foray around town as part of the Public Programme, and in their own time visited the fungarium at Kew, took part in a microscope identification for fungi course, and taught mushroom cultivation workshops at various festivals.

Jules’ end of year project, ‘Primeval Symbiosis’, researched the symbiotic relationships that fungi have formed with plants and humans across great timescales. With support from OSE they found microscopic remains of 410 million year old fungi living in plant stems, for a video showing the messy backrooms of museum keepers and mycologists, and lichen living by the sea in Herne Bay.  A collection of specimens, both found and made, further explored these old fungal stories.