Emily Demetriou

Prior to moving to Margate, Emily mainly worked through her collaborative practice, as part of Panicattack Duo. During her year at OSE, Emily wanted to further her personal practice in performance, sound and fiction, as well as develop her interest and understanding of alternative spaces by observing how an alternative school works and functions. She felt like a sponge for the year, soaking up information and skills that she wouldn’t have if not for everyone else in the group.

Through her work for the final show ‘The Daily Meeting’, Emily began her research into magical realism and fiction as a tool for imagining possible futures; creating bubbles of microcosms as metaphors of the contemporary world. The sculptural installation, sound and performance are versions and sketches of a story. In this story Sol is the Earth, and Sol has many parts with their own names. At the daily meeting, Sol is chairing, Grime is feeling broken but Juniber is holding onto her, Coral and Crystal Frost are weak and Scarlett Blaze restless. The One is in denial and Viral has come out to free them all.