Elouise Farley

One of the most valuable things about this year was being part of an artistic community who all wanted to learn from each other, something that I know now more than ever is so important for me personally. Having spent the years leading up to Open School East working as a carpenter/metalworker fabricating sets and props in theatre, it was challenging to make the shift from the binaries of a script/narrative into my own work and my own ideas. OSE gave me the platform to be able to do this. 

During the year at OSE I was able to organise a 6-week course around learning how to code creatively and make moving sculptures with Margate-based interactive digital artists Genetic Moo and Matt Mapleston. The workshops in this course taught the basics of how to move pixels on a screen, build kinetic prototype art works and make simple moving circuits. It was such an amazing course to be a part of and is something that has fed into my own work.

I spent the year collaborating with fellow OSE Associate Rhona Foster. In our joint bio below it explains briefly the makings of our experimental performance projects, created through our mutual interests and varying skills. We will be continuing to work together after OSE.

For the end of year show I made a sculpture built from 3 cans of expanding foam and 4 Metro newspapers. I saw it as the beginnings of an exploration of female identity and alternate realities, using the human form as a starting point from which to develop otherworldly characters and fictitious scenarios.

After completing Open School East I continue to live in Margate so that I can continue to develop my creative practice and continue learning with my network of peers and the community.