Joanna Murray

For ‘The Well’, Jo Murray produced ‘Revolution 8’, a film installation incorporating stacked televisions, two sources of audio, a front room inviting the viewer to enter with custard creams, a velvet curtain and a photograph of a house sandwiched between a fir tree and a pineapple tree. The installation is an ode to the fragility of being human. It tells the story of an unnamed seeker who believes that she has found the answer to life through her encounter with the mysterious Ehs. She recounts her attempt to re-establish contact with Ehs and pursue the true path. The piece uses story as a touchstone to human experience and desire and delusion.

During the second term of OSE Jo Murray took part in the Spelunking project led by artist Benedict Drew. The varied workshops, art pieces, and interventions on the study of the underground were all documented and used to create a final collaborative film. Joanna led on the Underground Ceremonies aspect of the project. She devised a performance for the Take-over day at Turner Contemporary, that played homage to the women who performed seances at the Shell Grotto in the 1930s. She led the audience in a seance that attempted to make contact with JMW Turner.

During the Turner Contemporary takeover day, Jo Murray again used the theme of Underground Ceremonies to perform a spirit cabinet – an obviously fraudulent ceremony that became popular in the late 1890s during the rise of Spiritualism.