Associates 2015

Mathis Collins

Mathis Collins comes from Paris, France. For the past four years he has developed a series of artworks using the bark of cork trees to transform mediterranean forests and villages. Working with cork harvesters, local populations and artists, he has created scripts, characters, set-design, props, costumes, workshops and an economy of a folk repertoire focused on the ecology and culture of cork regions. Collins is a frequent participant at the project space Treize, in Paris.

Afshin Dekhordi

Afshin Dekhordi is the founder of Studio Strike, a small and friendly creative space for emerging and established artists. It lives on the top floor of the Bread and Roses, a former coach house now owned by the Workers Beer Company. The building takes its name from a line in a James Oppenheim poem, later sung by female textile workers on strike in Massachusetts 1912.

Daniel Kelly

My current art practice is research-based and often involves collaboration, performance, collaged writing and video. Through a process of editing I weave narratives to create an environment where alternative political situations may be glimpsed. I run DKUK, a hairdressing salon where clients have their hair cut in front of art. I’ve exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Somerset House, Ancient and Modern, French Rivera Outpost, Norwich and worked with Resonance FM. My upcoming event at Matts Gallery,, was funded by the Elephant Trust.

Leslie Kulesh

Leslie Kulesh (b.1982 Lake Forest, IL USA) produces performance and sculpture across multiple platforms, seeking to reveal the role of technology as a material labour that intersects with human-being as well as land-being, becoming a symptom of contemporary culture production. Her most recent project T.A.G. Temporary Autonomous Girl is a capsule collection of garments that protect the wearer from electromagnetic frequencies. Presenting the collection allows for experiments in performing networked capitalism, while the pieces themselves function as editioned artworks.

John Lawrence

ohn Lawrence is an artist, curator and producer based in Hackney. Mining a contemporary archive of objects, imagery and footage he works across a range of approaches and within a common popular language. Alongside his practice he organises the collaborative projects After/Hours/Drop/Box – a commissioning platform at the intersection of music, video and live performance, and …Or maybe it’s the same for everyone – a print publication of artists’ short fiction and experimental writing which changes its form with each issue.

Kristin Luke

During OSE Kristin Luke (b. Los Angeles 1984) will study prehistoric, premodern, and contemporary examples of how art forms and art practitioners have attempted to be embedded within the communities they ostensibly effected. Recent and forthcoming projects include “The Air Inn Venice“, an LA beachside vacation rental hyper-object (ongoing), “The Air Inn Venice“, The Agency gallery, London (2014), “Autumn Collapse“, Enclave (2014), “Idiorrhythmic Hunting Lodge“, Performa, Switzerland (2014), and “Idiorrhythmic Hunting Lodge: Dove l’After?“, The Landmark Hotel, London (2014).

Paul Maheke Ngamaha

Paul Maheke Ngamaha (b. 1985, France) has completed a MA at École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy in 2011, since then his research lead him to work mostly in public space. This exploration is a way to question social and geographical relationships to places as they relate to a more personal inquiry that mainly deals with Otherness and individual subjectivities. Recent exhibitions include Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil; Le 116, Montreuil; CIAP-Île de Vassivière; 59th Salon de Montrouge; Centre CLARK, Montreal.

Sophie Mallett

Sophie is an artist and radio producer working in London. She has a background in music, radio and documentary, and now focuses on using sound art in collaborative ways. Sophie’s work looks at how sound and participation can be used to dilute and rebuild knowledge. She works in radio, installation, sculpture and performance.

Hari Rajaledchumy

Hari Rajaledchumy (b.1988, Sri Lanka) is an artist, writer and curator whose work is guided by research-led readings in political economy, psychoanalytic feminism and postcolonial literatures. He is interested in devising responses to political situations of precarity, dispossession and crisis. In 2014, he graduated with a BA (Hons) in International Development with NGO Management from the University of East London.

Tina Rowe

Tina Rowe is an artist who explores image making through a particular interest in alternative photographic processes. She does not have formal art school training instead choosing to develop her practice through a series of long term projects and residencies.

Shiri Shalmy

Shiri Shalmy’s curatorial practice is predominantly informed by an investigation of artistic response to social and political issues and an examination of the relationship between artist, artwork and audience, in and out of traditional art spaces. In recent years she curated exhibitions at Contemporary Art Society, Southbank Centre, the V&A and FutureEverything festival. She recently started developing her own artistic practice and will spend her time at OSE looking at sinkholes, follies and the De Beauvoir Town topography.

Marie Toseland

Marie Toseland works across photography, sculpture, audio and performance, and is currently kneading these into an experimental opera in collaboration with the musician Kinlaw. Forthcoming projects include pushin’ sumthin’ good (feat. Kinlaw) (solo), Plymouth College of Art (2015), and recent activities include Artist in Residence, Tate St. Ives, Cornwall, Emotional Resources, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, (both 2014); Curiosity Killed the Cat (in collaboration with Andrew Lacon), Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2013), and Rotate Contemporary Art Society, London (2011).

Michael Whitby

Michael Whitby is a visual artist who makes films and organises “Retreat” – a residential workshops as well as an ongoing series of collaborative projects called Paradise Lost which include hosting exhibitions and producing films. Within these collaborations he sets up structures within which he and his collaborators work, often consciously exaggerating the limitations of the situation suggesting the work – be that a space, a piece of equipment or a political/social scenario.

Laura Yuile

Laura Yuile is an artist working predominantly with sculpture and video. Her recent work has explored the boundaries between public and private space, the fetishisation of transcience, and notions of displacement, transition and transformation in relation to time, place and the invisible infrastructures that shape our existence. Recent exhibitions include Conversation of Monuments, Collective, Edinburgh; Same Homepage, The Project Room, Glasgow, and Processing Progress, Mauve, Vienna. She recently undertook residencies with Temporary Art Platform, Beirut, and IOAM, Beijing.