Poppy Nash

Installation view of The Art Of Death 2.0 at Once More With Feeling curated with
Angelica Sule 2022

Poppy Nash is working at the intersections of printmaking, textiles, archive, and protest. Drawing on a long history of female storytelling through textiles, Poppy reclaims craft as a legitimate form of artmaking and explores its potential to connect communities and artists. She creates works that are decorative and useful in the form of clothing, curtains, duvet covers and banners, bridging the gap between domestic and public spheres.

The Art Of Death 2.0

Poppy’s costume builds on a research residency with the Wellcome Collection, looking at manuscripts on health, wellbeing and death. This has been expanded by unpacking the experience of isolation, as a vulnerable person, during the first Covid-19 lockdown.  The costume references medieval manuscripts and bedding and explores the reinsertion of a person, who has experienced a period of isolation, back into the world.  The patchwork designs within the print, and fabrication of the objects expresses the ripped up and stitched up thoughts, memories and physical realities of life that the person has experienced and now carries with them as part of their new identity.