Moina Moin

Installation view of Haven at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Born in Stroud in 1998 and working through an expanded practice at the Drawing School (2017), Goldsmiths (2019) and Open School East, Moina has carved out her world using animated sculpture, film, textiles and public interactive environments to address time warps of stillness amongst clatter. Her work presents scenes of colourful mayhem with a nostalgic twist and a quiet lonesome humour, combining the surreal celebration of everyday oddities with a slow motion, alien clumsiness. 

These celebrations are taken forward using wind instruments, dialogue, DJ-ing and production in audiovisual collaborations such as Mermaid Chunky, Yama Warashi and Saffron Records with continual matrimony between material improvisation and performance. 


‘Haven’ is an exploration of displaced micro happenings within contrasting macro environments. It is a personal ode to heartbreak and joy. It is about calm vessels bracing themselves against vicious currents. It is about holding beauty in your hands like egg white and adding gravel. 

With special thanks to the amazing organisation Clayspace, for supporting Moina with this work.