“Margate is a Playground” in the Isle of Thanet News

Read a recent article in the Isle of Thanet News on the Despacito exhibition “Margate is a Playground”.

OSE Activities and Events Manager Ayaan Bulale said: “Being a child of immigrants is a constant balancing act where you work hard to integrate into your new environment and at the same time work just as hard to retain your own language and culture. Our young ones come from challenging backgrounds and OSE strives to provide them with
opportunities to explore and make sense of their world through art that gives them a voice. That is why we ensure we host two art exhibitions a year where they can show off their work and feel pridem in their achievements.”

Be sure to check out the stop motion animation “Margate is a Playground” as well.

Colourful children’s drawings in a still from animation “Margate is a Playground” from Open School East
A still from “Margate is a Playground” by the children at Despacito Art School