Lottie McCarthy

[gallery installation of cow priint fabric forming a tent shape in the corner of a room with multiple picture frames on the walls]
Installation view of I don’t have a clue and neither do you at Once More With Feeling exhibition

Lottie is interested in holding space for difference, connection, and vulnerability. She likes creating niches of safety and colourful chaos. Through her practice, Lottie strives to look for ways of mending, specifically the mental and emotional health of those interacting with her work, drawing on her lived experience of mental illness and neurodivergence. Her work manifests as joyful resistance mixed with utter exhaustion, sculpture, sound, printing, painting, and interactivity.

I don’t have a clue but neither do you 

Installation with textiles, printing, writing, painting, sound and scent.

The works presented here are a  series of play things for adults, including an over-exaggerated children’s den, with an illustrated book – part zine, part diary, part sketchbook. The audience is invited to add to the book with their own stories, art, thoughts, doodles or musings, as if signing a school leaving t-shirt or graduation book. The result is a collective artwork and a reconnection to childhood, sharing and celebrating joys, fears, loves, hopes. The nature of the den is to bring joy and nurture. Stay as long as you would like to rest your head, suspend reality, and hit pause.