Kiera Saunders

Kiera Saunders, ‘Nights spotting the Aphotic Zone’, 2023. Photos by Ollie Harrop
Kiera Saunders, ‘Nights spotting the Aphotic Zone’, 2023. Photos by Ollie Harrop
Kiera Saunders, ‘Nights spotting the Aphotic Zone’, 2023. Photos by Ollie Harrop

Nights spotting the Aphotic Zone

Latex, Spirulina, Wax Cotton, multi-screen video, 4min

Nights spotting the Aphotic Zone is an installation featuring costumes created for Aphotic Archaeology, a collaborative performance telling a fictional creation story based in the deepest part of the sea (the aphotic zone), where there is little to no light or life. The performance, led and directed by artist Alliyah Enyo, featured sculptural and sound installation, movement, live electronic performance and costumes made by Keira Saunders. 

The costumes, now worn-out due to wear during the performance period, were formed by Saunders using latex, spirulina and wax cotton. The works are exhibited here alongside videos and images of research, fabrication and production, as well as the performance itself. By hanging the costumes up to the light, the installation spotlights the chaotic, rubbery, slippery experience of the costumes, where the videos tell the creation story of the costumes themselves.


Video Clip 1:

Writer/Performer/Vocals – Alliyah Enyo 

Costume Designer – Kiera Saunders 

Choreographer/Performers – Claricia Parinussa 

Composer/Producer – Sophie Thornton 

Sculptor/Set – Emma Hislop

Videographer – Paradax Period

Photographer – Rosie Biggar

Video Clip 2:

Performer/Editor/Costume – Kiera Saunders 

Videographer – Sarah Khan

Kiera Saunders is a multi-disciplinary artist, seamstress and collaborator. She frequently up-cycles low-tech materials creating bizarre costumes. Her works reflect on sustainability and is interested in making carnivalesque hybrid creatures, creating work surrounding disguise, silliness and grotesque feminism. Kiera is apart of the exciting costume-making team, Vomiton, whose motto is ‘art made from rubbish isn’t rubbish art.

They have exhibited with CIRCA at the Piccadilly Lights and collaborated with multiple musicians: Edinburgh’s Hidden Door Festival / Kelburn festival with Maranta, Glasgow’s Stereo with Avantgardeners and Roundhouse London with Mermaid Chunky.