Hicham Gardaf

Installation view of F(I/U)GUE at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Hicham works across photography and moving image, employing both as a vehicle to engage people in critical conversations with their immediate environment. Hicham’s practice looks into transformations of contemporary landscape in relation to time, space, and politics of place. He is drawn to the social spaces we inhabit such as buildings, streets and cities.


Single-channel video projection, 4k, colour, sound, stereo speakers, media player, 7:41 min (loop)

A fig plant’s perspective. Uprooted from its homeland, offered by the family, we follow it crossing borders, adapting and becoming, in a new environment. What is it like to be foreign? To live in a state of constant waiting and delay, in a perpetual quest of home? In this new work, the fig plant acts as both a self-portrait of the artist and a companion during the first year of the pandemic, when all his attempts to return home were obstructed by the borders’ closure. F(I/U)GUE is a meditation on the experience of nostalgia, memory of home and the in-between state in which immigrants often find themselves in.