Greta Sharp

[collection of zines open on a table at an exhibtion]
Detail view of Screaming At The Sea installation at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

I am a white, queer non-binary femme, transmasc, neurodivergent, a person living with Complex-PTSD and chronic pain and fatigue, a survivor, an ally, a socialist, a bit of an anarchist, and a loving cat mum.Screaming At The Sea

Screaming At The Sea

Greta Sharp is a writer and artist who predominantly works with text and printed publications. Since living in Margate, they have been exploring their personal relationship with the sea as a survivor whose trauma is located in their bodymind with sounds, sights and smells of the British seaside. This has developed into a collection of texts, sound recordings, drawings and workshops that explore collective healing and expressions of rage and grief, using the voice as an anchor. Greta’s exploration into the voice expands on research into queer spirituality, being in the sea as a form of resourcing and co-regulation, relating to the sea as a trans AFAB (assigned female at birth) person, and crip care and access.Greta’s workshops aim to share their personal journey of processing their rage and grief by creating a safe space to invite others to feel and express. They acknowledge that globally there are a multitude of traumas and violences centred in the sea and connect to the vast power of the sea and its perceived ability to ‘hold’ such emotions.