The Perfume Hall

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‘Poison resembles a magic fruit filled with belladonna, created for women who want the power of witchcraft’ *

An exploration of Selfridges’ Perfume Hall led by writer and fragrance specialist Pascale Cumming-Benson. This event will examine the interplay between the “feel” of a scent, experienced through smell, and its “look”, along with the language used to describe and sell it. In doing so, we hope to unwrap the processes involved in the creation and consumption of perfume; considering how desire and aspiration perform within the space of the “Perfume Hall”. Spaces for this event are limited, so please email to book a place.

* Toller, S. V., Part V The consumer and perfume, p203 in Dodd, G.H, Toller, S.V., Perfumery: The psychology and biology of fragrance,1988