The Community Whistling Choir: Live Performance

Saturday 24 June, 4.30 – 5.30PM

Cliftonville Cultural Space – Albion Road, Cliftonville, Margate, CT9 2HP

This event is held as part of Open School East’s Associate Exhibition 2023. To find out more about the exhibition and other live events please visit:

Join OSE Associate Aliaskar Abarkas and members of the choir for a live performance of a new collaborative score that explores togetherness and solidarity.

This is a limited capacity event – Booking is required – please book via the button below!

The Community Whistling Choir is an ongoing project devised and led by OSE Associate Aliaskar Abarkas, that cultivates unity and solidarity through collective whistling. 

For the latest iteration of the project, Aliaskar has organised weekly community gatherings at the Cliftonville Cultural Space and with the communities they welcome into their space, and facilitated the production of a collaborative composition that explores togetherness that will be showcased during a public performance.

Attendees of choir rehearsals were invited to join, participate, and improvise to create an inclusive experience. Additionally, Aliaskar encourages the community to actively capture footage and record sound during rehearsals to produce a sonic documentary featuring the community’s collective efforts.

This iteration of The Community Whistling Choir is held as part of Refugee Week 2023 Art’s Festival, in partnership with Cliftonville Cultural Space.

Aliaskar Abarkas is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative producer from Iran based in London. His diverse work includes live events, images and writings, exploring themes of transformation, the emergence of beings and ecosystems, the fabrication of complex realities and effective communication through art. He has also initiated and facilitated “The Community Whistling Choir”.

Aliaskar’s practice is deeply rooted in alternative and collective education; He is an associate artist at Rupert Residency (Lithuania), Open School East (UK) and the Institute of Postnatural Studies (Spain). Aliaskar completed a BA and MA in Fine Arts and Theory of Art at Goldsmiths University of London and from the University of Tehran. He was an associate artist and researcher at Advanced Practices, The Centre for Arts Design & Social Research, The New Centre for Research & Practice and Syllabus V, amongst other international programmes. In addition, Aliaskar is a community and neighbourhood committee member at Culture Mile, Barbican Centre.

Cliftonville Cultural Space is based in the former Margate synagogue. Our focus is on celebrating Cliftonville as a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood; and being an inclusive, welcoming space for its residents.  Through an engaging programme of events, performances, exhibitions and activities, Cliftonville Cultural Space is fast becoming a much-needed resource for the area’s many communities.