Jill Mikkelson: Darkness Descends


From its roots and throughout its evolution, metal music has always been an outsiders game. Tracing a manifest sense of social alienation, broaching the personal, political and social struggles of its participants, it has become a beacon of musical negativity, resentment, and violence. This lecture will cover how metal, in its various incarnations since the late 1960s, has embodied this alienation, and subsequently rejected perceived societal norms and embraced wholesale negativity, not only in lyrical content, but in its musical presentation, imagery, physical participation, and social networking.

Jill Mikkelson is the full-time in-house promoter at The Unicorn in Camden, University of Toronto History graduate, long-time musician and has regularly contributed to several extreme music publications, including Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance, and Exclaim!, since 2002.

This lecture is part of The Bad Vibes Club, a project by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau.