STASIS presents: resources for resistance

STASIS was formed in 2014 by artists Olivia Norris, Isabel Palmstierna, Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot whilst the four were studying in Edinburgh. Their work brings together dance, live art, theatre, and installation and is informed by an interest in site-specificity and multidisciplinarity. 

But STASIS has also been, perhaps above all, a long distance relationship maintained over different cities in the UK and beyond, held together by an online exchange between Aniela, Isabel, Olivia and Paloma through which they share resources, inspiration, and points of reference. Their online exchange is a mash-up of marginalia that informs their practice, their friendship, and specific works made together. In the past some of these references have been shared alongside performances in the form of reading lists, citations, and soundtracks but they have never been curated en masse for sharing. 

For OSE, particularly pertinent examples of the above have been collated for participants to explore and discuss as they see fit. An introduction to the group’s work via a collection of resources and an invitation to absorb and pass on the bits that speak to you, STASIS serves up a mystery resource file full of images, words, videos, and sounds to replenish our individual and collective tanks of resistance.¬†You need only yourself.¬†Rejuvenation and elevation are just a click away.

Download the PDF below