Searching For Colour, with Polly Bennett

A two-part workshop for the OSE Associates and Young Associates. Beginning with a morning walk along the coastline, we will meet Polly Bennett for an introductory talk about her practice. Polly will then guide us on a search for pigments from their surroundings. Once materials have been gathered we will head back to OSE for a group lunch.

After lunch, we will be guided through a two-hour workshop where they will learn the process of creating their own pigments, from grinding to purifying, and make three colours to create a colour wheel.

About the artist

Polly Bennett is a landscape artist “portraying the land, with the land” through traditional craftsmanship, using locally sourced materials in a process likened to alchemy. Combining a museological approach to materials with immediate observational responses, she collaborates
with, and investigates the surrounding rural environment to re-visualise an experience of her own, and create one for the viewer. The concluding work recollects the explored environment as a memorialised snapshot, producing abstract and deconstructed results.