OSE Carnival Arts School, 2018

A Carnival Arts School for young people (July-August 2018)

The Despacito theme for this year’s Margate Carnival was elected by the young people, who opted for large colourful masks and costumes so we would look like ‘every colour in the world walking past’. 16 young people (aged 5-12) from Athelstan Road and the surrounding area took part in the 2018 edition of the OSE Carnival Arts School.

Wednesday 4, 11 July & 18 July: Carnival Prep
Prep work on large collaborative sculptures, on props and costumes, using materials including recycled items.

Monday 30 July to Thursday 2 August, 11am-2 pm: Carnival School
The young people made their costumes using calico, acrylic paint, mod roc, pom poms, glitter, beads and recycled materials. They also created props using kite materials and planned out their performance for the carnival walk. We also made and shared lunch together daily. With infectious enthusiasm, hard work and our spirits high, we were  ready to wow Margate.

Sunday 5 August: Carnival day
On the big day, we met at Palm Bay and shared lunch before putting on our costumes and blaring the sound system with our carefully curated playlist of Carnival and Roma Gypsy music. Then  we joined the procession and walked to the Piazza in Margate Old Town where we veered off and joined Margate Soul Festival on stage and received a shout out and massive applause from the audience.