OSE at Limbo Residency #1

This is the first of three micro residencies to be held at Limbo where the associate artists are invited to explore their practices, experiment and collaborate over four days.

Residency #1 will include associates Ian Bride, Una Hamilton Helle and Tom Verity and will take place from 7 to 11 May culminating in a Group Crit and Public Preview on Friday 11 May 2018. The gallery space will be open to the public on Saturday 12 May.

LIMBO is at 2 Bilton Square, Margate CT9 1EE. All the events are free to attend. Please BYOB/Bring Your Own Booze

Group Crit:
Friday 11.05.18, 4-6pm (all welcome, no booking required)

Public Preview:
Friday 11.05.18, 6-8pm (BYOB)

Gallery Open:
Saturday 12.05.18, 11-6pm

The associates are:

Una Hamilton Helle is an artist and art worker who utilises images, installation, collaborative workshops and writing to explore how we construct meaning through fictional structures. She is preoccupied with ideas around nature and how we are formed by landscape and our surroundings. She recently published Becoming the Forest #2, a journal which forms part of a wider arts project about forests, molecular biology, animism and black metal. For this residency she will be looking at the legacy and format of text-based computer games, dungeon crawls and tabletop roleplaying as a starting point to exploring underground spaces.

Ian Bride’s previous creative practice has been inspired by a critical engagement with the fields of biodiversity conservation, education and anthropology – with a view to exploring and challenging some of the fundamental epistemological parameters thereof – for instance, the value of the use of positivist scientific method to the sustainable uses of natural resources, the neo-colonial text underpinning the conservation discourse, representations of nature and the human condition, and the ‘language’ of tools.

Tom Verity’s work explores a variety of materials and objects through mixed media sculpture and composition. The work often deconstructs traditional elements of painting to be recombined into pieces, which are activated by gravity, balance and tension. His artwork focuses on material and the combination of elements which rarely meet.