Join us on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December for our annual open studios, where we will be opening OSE to the public to show works in progress by the Associates 2022-23 & OSE Studio Holders.

Edit: Please find documentation from Open House 2022 below!

About this year’s curriculum

Each year OSE invites a lead Artist to develop a curriculum for the Associates. This year artist Saelia Aparicio has formed a curriculum entitled When The World Looks Back At You: about storytelling, ecology and the weird that explores and thinks about the figure of the hybrid; a recurring form in Saelia’s work through which they explore experiences and perspectives on natural environments and the anthropocene, counter culture and science fiction, biomimicry, fluidity, organisms and ecosystems.

The hybrid is a representation of complexity and of the unexpected that moves beyond the confines of binary language and terminology that classifies and prescribes nature; human and other.

Together, the Associates have been exploring sustainable forms of production and making through art, fashion and design approaches, whilst also exploring the development of the senses in making and sharing art.

Opening Times

Preview: Friday 16 December – 5-8 pm

Open: Saturday 17 December – 12-5 pm

We ask that you please register your interest by booking a place on Eventbrite so that we can keep an eye on numbers and ensure that the event runs safely.

Reserve a FREE ticket here

openschooleast.org | 39 Hawley Square, Margate, CT9 1NZ

Associates 22-23

Aliaskar Abarkas, Leon Clowes, Lizzy Deacon, Jaccaidi Dyer, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, Sarah Khan, Jamie Lee, Josefina Mellado, Simina Neagu, Kieran Rook, Kiera Saunders, Lise Smirnova, Milou Stella & Samuel Vilanova. 

Studio Holders

Holly Hunter, Frances Heap, Jasmine Collins, Danniella Jasper, Molly Lester & Rose Bagenal.